Mobile Telephone Accessories

A handphone, also known as handphone, mobile phone or cell phone, sometimes shortened to just hand, phone or hand, can simply be a portable phone which will make and receive calls on a short-range radio frequency signal while the user is traveling within a very close proximity of the base station. The signals can only travel so far and in a very precise direction. The range of a handphone depends upon many factors such as the frequency of the signal it is using, if any satellites are orbiting the Earth at that moment, if it is a land phone or water phone and the type of base station it is using. Most of the handphones being sold are equipped with voice dialing capabilities.

Some of the disadvantages of having a handphone include; carrying extra batteries, the amount of memory a handphone has, the bulk of the weight of the handphone which makes it difficult to carry it from place to place, when the batteries are running low the handphone will not work until they are replenished, there are many different models of handphones such as call by name, call waiting, answer or end call, hold, privacy, no-call, call forwarding and multi-tasking. The best way to use a handphone is to have the information programmed in the handphone itself, this prevents the possibility of a user forgetting their phone number when making or receiving a call. To assist in this situation there are several types of programmed handphone. These programmed handphones will allow the user to have pre recorded text or voice messages, instant messaging (IM) and picture and video messaging (MMS). All of these are easily accessed through the touch-tone buttons located on the top and bottom of the handphone.

There are several additional accessories that may be required by the handphone user. One such accessory would be the data port, this allows the handphone user to connect a data cable to their cell phone to allow them to charge their cell phone at anytime, even while not using the handphone. Another accessory would be a headset, this allows the user to answer and leave calls without having to press a button, all this can be done by either pressing a touch-tone button on the top or bottom of the handphone or by using a headset. The headset comes in various styles and prices.

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