Tripod Safety and Care

A tripod is a movable stand or tripod, typically used as an arm support or platform, which is used to support the weight of any object and still maintain the balance of another object at the same time. Trips can be made easier with the use of a tripod. The tripod allows you to keep the camera steady so that images are in focus and view clear. In photography, the tripod is essential when taking photos as without it, you would have no way of framing and composing the shots.

There are basically two tripod types – the three-legged tripod and the fixed tripod. The three-legged tripod is unstable and needs to be tilted and reeled in to maintain its equilibrium. The fixed tripod does not require any tilt or reeled in and remains stationary. Both the types are designed for light duty use while still maintaining high standards in image quality. The most popular tripod is the three-legged tripod which is made up of a lightweight aluminum tripod with at least one, possibly two, crossbars along the bottom that support the tripod legs.

Tripod owners prefer to buy tripod heads that are as stable as possible. This means that the tripod head has to be made of a sturdy material like rubber, which does not wiggle when pressed and can withstand a lot of weight. Some tripod heads even have ball bearings which prevent the camera from moving while on the tripod. However, this is not necessary as much of a tripod’s strength derives from the tripod legs. The tripod legs are usually made of lightweight aluminum, but more expensive tripods are made of carbon fiber.

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