A Brief History of Chager

Chager, the French word for lamp, is the portable lighting devise which was originally made of wood and used to light up a festive celebration. They are still used in the parties as a source of light and decoration and they are also used as a symbol of identity for groups or clubs. Today, chager can be found in a variety of designs and makes. These days there are various online stores where one can find chager products such as, chager boards, chager pinata, chager jars, chager fountains, chager statues, chager key chains, chager mirrors and many more.

Chager started out in the middle ages as candleholders but after that they were made to serve other purposes as well. In fact, during the war, chagers were widely used by all the allied forces to light up the roads during the night. It was also widely used by the army troops to help them have a constant light in order to fight off darkness. The soldiers relied on them for their light, thus making changes very useful and popular. They were also widely used by the civilians during night celebrations such as bonfires or parades.

The chager fire was first seen being used during the festivities at bonfires during the dark months of autumn. With the passage of time, changes became more colorful and fancy and were made to serve different purposes. They were also made to resemble torches, so that they could be easily spotted. Today chagers are still used for these same purposes but most often as part of accessories to decorate certain events or just to throw in the patio as an added decoration. Whatever the use may be, chagers are a sure way to make an outdoor occasion a success by adding a unique touch of lighting to it.

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