About Handphone

A handphone, also known as cell phone or cellular phone, handheld, handphone or hand, sometimes shortened to just hand, cell or simply hand phone and cell phone or hand phone can be a small portable phone that will make and receive calls on a low-frequency radio signal while the user is traveling in a telephone service area while the phone is in operation. This type of phone is very convenient for people who want to have continuous call duration while they are traveling. This type of handphone is the perfect alternative to a cell phone or handphone. These hand phones have features like auto answer, Caller ID, call waiting, call return, touchtone, and many more features.

Some of the companies providing hand phone or cell phone service include Cricket, AT&T, Verizon, ouseo, Windstream and many others. The cell phones which were introduced earlier had the feature of auto dial but this feature was taken away later. Cell phones with voice calling features were introduced by the wireless carrier, Vodafone, in the United Kingdom. Now the cell phones that we use today have voice calling as one of its features. Even some of the handphone manufacturers provide a feature called auto answer where the incoming call will automatically be placed when the hand phone is answered.

The cell phone that we use these days has become more of a fashion accessory than a functional phone. The handphone is becoming a sort of fashion statement. Many people like to own a handphone so that they do not miss out on important calls. You can find several different colors and designs of handphone in the market. Most of them are made of durable metals like titanium, stainless steel, silver, gold plating and other metals that are light weight and durable. Handphone technology has evolved to such a level now that you do not really need a laptop or computer to use the handphone anymore.

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