About Smartphones


About Smartphones

A smartphone is basically a portable electronic device which combines both mobile phone and internet/wireless computing functions in a single unit. It is designed to replace all the separate devices used for communication, entertainment and information purposes in the past such as desktop computers, notebook computers, Palm OS and the like. This unit offers users the convenience of making calls, messaging, browsing the internet, listening to music and taking photos. The device enables its user to communicate with other users over the internet or a local network via SMS, MMS and other wireless technologies. The latest smartphone models offer great features at an affordable price and are extremely popular among masses.

There are different types of smartphones available such as, rooted, free software and other open source based smartphone software and phones. The rooting method is necessary to allow access of third party applications and features which may be not present on the original or manufacturer phone. However, this method may void the warranty of the device. Some smartphones have their own operating systems, such as Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems.

These days, there are a number of smartphone applications which can be downloaded from the internet on to the cell phones. These apps make the use of the cell phones more fun and exciting. Most of these apps are developed by young developers and are unique in content and style. The most popular apps include text, wallpaper, games, weather, alarm, calculator and restaurant recommendations. Most of the companies manufacture apps of their own and sell them to the consumers. The best way to purchase these apps is by downloading them through the internet from the official websites of the companies or by going to the Google Play store.

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