Chager – A Nice Name For a Boy Baby Boy

Chager, a French word meaning “little lamb” is a great name for a baby boy child. Chager means “one horn” in English. Many parents who want to name their child in French prefer to choose a name beginning with a G sound. Chager, a name that has been used by many parents who are interested in boy baby names, is now #3 on the popular baby names popularity rankings in the U.S. Chager is actually a 6 letter name with it in it.

The name is pronounced “Chah-Yon” in English and “Chah-VAH-uh” in French. One of the more interesting things about this name is that it means “one horn.” This is interesting because the word “horn” in some contexts can mean “a male sexual horn.” So maybe a name like Chager would be a good choice for a son if his mother wants to give him a masculine name!

Other popular names for boys include Gabriel, Harry, Michael, and Joshua. Choosing a name from the bible is always an interesting choice as well. There are a lot of cute Biblical baby names for boys out there. I personally love Joshua which has a nice ring to it. I think this is the perfect name for a son who is a shepherd or is one of the boys in the bible.

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