Challenge Your Memory With Spanish – Chager Words

“A” is the most important letter in the Spanish alphabet and is also the most commonly used one. When learning Spanish pronunciation, you should learn that sound the letter makes when you pronounce the words in context. For example, the word “chager” means “a silver coin.” “Agua” means “wild goose.” Therefore, in an unbalanced syllabic state, the “R” would sound like “ah-gua,” while the “g” sound would sound like “ga.”

The challenge is to emphasize on the sound qualities of the words instead of the actual sounds they make. For example, “chager” is pronounced “cha-uh-ster.” In order to achieve this, you will want to say the word from the perspective of somebody who is your friend. What is the story between you and your friend? What experiences did you share together and that memorable moments do you want to relive in the future?

Learning a new language is not easy but can become much easier if you use this language challenge as motivation. When you think about how much better you will feel when you can say that you can speak Spanish fluently, you will find yourself wanting to practice your chager words all the time. It’s also helpful to have the luxury of speaking to chager people who fully understand the importance of speaking this language. This helps them understand the challenge you are imposing to them and they may even try to challenge you in order to get a close up experience of how it feels to speak this language.

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