Handphone Notifications


Handphone Notifications

A handphone, also known as cell phone, mobile phone, short handphone, or cell, phone can make and received calls on a communications network while the user is within a phone service zone while the phone is moving inside a specific telephone service region. These phones are a type of handheld personal computer (PDA). The size of some handphones is about the size of an envelope paper. Handphones can use either AC or DC power in the United States.

Handphones allow a user to make or receive calls and take other actions without using a computer. Handphone manufacturers design phones with some unique features. Some of these features include SMS texting and Web surfing capabilities, applications for music players, game controllers, instant messaging (IM) and web browsing ( Browser ). Some handphones also support third party applications and popular social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. The market for these type of handheld devices has increased dramatically in the past two years.

In recent years there have been many changes to how handheld devices notify users of new incoming calls and messages. New advances in technology, including Bluetooth technology, wireless networks and mobile application software, have changed the way that handheld devices notify their users. Some phones offer direct dialing of incoming calls from selected contacts and allow users to select various options for notification such as caller identification ( Caller ID), vibrate alert, push messaging, multimedia messages and game functions. Some handheld devices also allow users to access the internet via Bluetooth while they are in proximity to wireless network hubs.

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