Handphone – Speak With People in English


Handphone – Speak With People in English

A handphone, cellular phone or hand phone, occasionally shortened to just handphone or hand, cell or simply hand phone is a compact mobile phone that will make and receive calls on a regular telephone line while the user is in an area code that is not serviced by their regular telephone company. They are a good way to avoid using an answering machine or having to talk through a service operator, since they will call you without a signal from your service provider. Many times this device has an earpiece with the feature to make a call through a headset, similar to those little headphones worn by children in public places like the mall. They can be bought for as little as $20, but often go for a couple of hundred dollars.

If you need a handphone even when in a foreign country or other English speaking country, then a cell phone is a great option because you can use it to communicate effectively and privately with others. Cell phones have the ability to use the Internet to stay connected with friends and family and to stay in touch with the office. You also do not have to use your home phone or adapter, which makes it convenient for travelers. There are now many English speaking handphone companies that provide these services. These companies can supply you with a prepaid card with an English language menu, a built-in speaker so that you can hear clearly, and usually a rechargeable battery to keep it charged.

When you find yourself in a situation where you need to use an English speaking handphone while traveling, then you can look at any of the available wireless handphone plans to find the best deal for you. Most companies provide phones with voice and messaging capabilities, and with the option to connect to the Internet so you can stay in touch with the office or home. A cell phone plan that only allows you to receive calls and nothing more is generally a much better choice for those who will be talking on their mobile phone frequently. In fact, this option is often the only choice available when you are traveling or going to be using your cell phone throughout your trip, because your other options are limited.

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