What Can I Do With My Mobile Phone?


What Can I Do With My Mobile Phone?

A handphone, also known as cell phone, mobile phone, handphone, cellphone or hand-held phone, sometimes shortened to just handphone, cell or just hand, is a small portable phone which typically will make and receive telephone calls over a regular radio frequency signal while the user is traveling within a call service area. Handphones are very common for the general public, although they are not purchased by the average consumer. Handphones are frequently carried by children and young adults who use their phones during activities like playing games, using the computer or surfing the Internet. Many people use hand phones to complement their cell phones or handheld computers. The handphone has an advantage over other handheld devices in terms of size, portability, and weight, but it does have some disadvantages, such as:

Handphones do receive calls, but the sound quality is often low. Cell phones, in general, tend to have much better sound quality than hand phones because they are not used in public settings and therefore are often left on vibrate when in public locations. If you are planning to use your mobile phones while driving, it is advisable to purchase a car kit that will permit you to plug the handset into the cigarette lighter so that you can continue to use your handphone. Some automobile manufacturers are now producing cars that come equipped with hands free kits so that you do not need to hold your mobile phone while talking on your vehicle.

Some cell phones come equipped with data plans, which allow you to make unlimited local, long distance, and international phone calls and use a data plan. Data services may be subject to temporary rate decreases, so be sure to check the rates before purchasing your plan. Handphones are popular with the teenager and younger adults who make calls frequently and use their mobile phone as a substitute for a home phone. Since teenagers are more likely to give out their information online, a mobile phone is a good way to stay anonymous.

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