What You Need to Know About Handphone Systems


What You Need to Know About Handphone Systems

A handphone, cellular handphone, handphone or cell phone, sometimes shortened to just hand phone and/or hand, cell or simply hand phone and even hand-phone headsets, can simply make and receive telephone calls via a radio signal, over a public switched telephone network while the user is within a phone service region. Some hand phones and headphones headsets may allow the user to control the volume of the speaker using a stylus or a small button on the side of the phone. Handphones that are designed for use in automobiles have a feature called Bluetooth technology, which allows the use of hands-free applications and entertainment features such as Bluetooth hands-free headphones.

A handphone generally consists of a small, lightweight and compact hand-held unit with a short-range wireless communication system and a conventional handset. The traditional ear piece in a cellular handphone may be replaced by a headset (earphone). In some cases, a mobile handphone may include other hardware like a microphone or speaker. The latest models of some modern cell phones come with digital answering capabilities, which is a feature that lets the user answer the phone without having to press a button or dial into the phone.

There are two types of handphone systems; wired and wireless handphone systems. A wired handphone usually has transmitter/receivers that are placed near the handset. It is powered by a set charge of batteries which are usually supplied by the mobile phone service provider. The other handphone system has no known origin, although some believe it to be based on the use of wireless technology by pilots in the aviation industry in the early twentieth century. Wireless headphones work on the same principle as the cell phone. In either case, a small set of batteries are pre-installed in the handphone handset, and they need recharging every time they are used.

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