A Game of Chager

Chager, which in French means “a wheel or handle used for weighing” is a game that has deep roots in Germany and France but has recently spread throughout the rest of the world. The game basically consists of two people who face each other on a set of uneven terrain in order to make it across to the other side. Each player has a certain amount of time that they have to complete their mission. Whoever has the longest distance wins.

In some ways, the game of chager is similar to chess because both involve using various pieces and making the best use of your time in order to get to your opponent’s side of the board. However, there are some major differences between the game of chager and chess and one of these major differences is that the rules of the game of chager do not have a lot of difference from the rules of chess. Therefore, people who are unfamiliar with playing chess can find this game very interesting because there is nothing in it that makes it unique as well as a game where there is a clear winner and a loser.

Many people who play chager have found that the game can be a great way to test the mettle of people who are a little bit nervous about playing a traditional game of chess. Some people have even turned the game into a game of skill, in which case the person with the best score is the winner of the game. Chager is also a game that can be played by individuals who do not have a lot of time on their hands. For example, if you are taking a cruise vacation and end up having to spend eight hours at sea, you could play the game of chager by placing your opponent’s wheel into a hole on the cruise liner and racing across the ocean to reach the other side. Although many people may view this game as a form of cheating, it is a lot of fun for those who have a great deal of energy and who want to enjoy themselves on vacation.

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