How to Sell Smartphones on eBay in Just 7 Minutes

There are so many options where to sell smartphone on the internet, among these one of my favorites is eBay. eBay is one of the largest online retail markets in the globe and selling mobile phones has lots of potentials. One good thing about this selling option is that the whole process is pretty simple. With Instant Selling, individuals can quickly determine how much their smartphone is worth, and then sell their phone within an hour to instantly help pay for the end of year holidays, or even something off their wish list. Here are some useful tips to start your eBay selling career.

The first thing you should do to sell your smartphone on eBay is to determine its current market value. To do this, you have to check out the official eBay Value Finder tool which is available in their website. Once you have determined the market value of your smartphone, you can easily check the estimated amount of your phone’s resale value. If your smartphone is not being sold on eBay because of low resale value or because you think the unit is beyond repair, then you can set a minimum bid amount that you would be willing to pay for the unit if you will get it back within the next six hours or so.

Once you have set your minimum bid amount, then you can go ahead in listing your smartphone for sale. You need to remember though that when you list the unit for sale with the maximum possible starting bid, you have to set your estimated reading time as well, which is usually less than a minute. So if you are up against a seller who is charging $50 for your device within an hour, then I’d say go ahead and list it for the maximum possible starting bid.

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