Digital Photography – Choosing the Right Camera Tripod

A tripod is simply a movable tripod, usually made of a wooden stand with a cage or base. Tripods are the most common device in science fiction, and almost certainly were used in the first films made. A tripod is often a lightweight, portable three-legged support, or stand, designed to be used as a supporting platform for holding the weight of an object and keeping its equilibrium. This means that it can hold objects of varying sizes, allowing the user to change the length and angle of the tripod in order to control the position and orientation of the object within the frame. The tripod is usually supported by a ring or wheel on the bottom or side of the frame, which also determine the amount of mobility available to the tripod holder.

In photography, a tripod is used to keep the camera steady while allowing the photographer to take the required pictures. A tripod not only allows the camera to be stabilized, but can also help keep the image focused while allowing the shutter speed to be controlled. Because most cameras have an automatic setting that enables the photographer to adjust the shutter speed without needing to remove the tripod from focus, most tripods will allow the user to increase this setting if needed. If an automatic setting is not present, then the user may be able to make adjustments through the aperture, exposure, or flash settings if necessary.

The most common tripod models in use today have at least one lens in the frame, usually a wide angle lens, and may also have a depth sensor to enable the user to lock the focus when using the tripod for fine detail work. Many of these three legged tripod models have swivel stands available for more flexible positioning options, and many of these are fully equipped with carrying cases to ensure that the camera and tripod are protected during transport. Digital photography has come a long way since the first amateur photographer used a ten dollar pocket camera, and today’s manufacturers produce extremely stable tripod models that can easily carry much more weight than even the largest telephoto lenses.

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