Understanding the Concept of a Smartphone


Understanding the Concept of a Smartphone

A smartphone is basically a small portable device which combines all phone and internet functions into a single unit. The term smartphone has come from the combination of the two words’smartphone’ and ‘Internet’. In this new era, mobile phones are so powerful that they can perform multiple tasks at the same time like browsing the internet, viewing images, listening to music and playing games. Almost all the leading phone makers have produced smart phones keeping in view the increasing requirements of the end users. These high-end mobile devices with internet facility can be used to watch movies, play games and use various other communication applications.

Smartphones with internet facility work on the basis of the Java virtual machine. They run applications ( java code ) written in C/C++ using the Windows CE operating system which is an application platform developed by Microsoft for the desktop. Almost every smartphone offers internet facilities which include the ability to browse the web, send and receive emails and even use Windows Live Writer to edit documents. To support these features most smartphones available in the market today run on the Windows CE operating system with the Microsoft Office installed on the PC.

However, there is another option available to users and that is to download applications developed for Android and other open source mobile operating systems. These software can run on most smartphone platforms. They can be downloaded for free on the internet and are compatible with almost all the smartphone models available in the market today including iPhone and HTC smartphone models.

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