Smartphones – Not Your Old Wristwatch


Smartphones – Not Your Old Wristwatch

A smartphone is basically a mobile device which combines both cell phone and internet functions in a single unit. This unit comes with a touch screen, camera, speaker and a battery to help power up the various features. The user can simply pay using their credit card, use the camera to take pictures and videos, and even send text and email messages to friends and family members all over the world.

In comparison to the traditional mobile phone, smartphone does not have any memory card or internal storage. The user has to purchase a separate memory card for storing extra files. Almost every modern smartphone comes pre-loaded with a large storage space that can accommodate more than 200 gigabytes of information. Another advantage that smartphones have over desktop computers is that they can connect to wireless networks which can transfer data wirelessly. All these features and more makes the smartphone one of the most popular forms of smart devices.

Smartphones also support several major operating systems. As of the latest reports, there are almost hundred major smartphone software applications available in the market today. There are numerous applications such as Google Maps, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, and Line. All these apps can be used to make internet shopping easier and simpler. Apart from this, smartphone users can also download their own apps that they think will meet their personal requirements.

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