Three Legs and Digital Photography


Three Legs and Digital Photography

The tripod is basically a three-legged stand or platform, used essentially as a support for the weight of an object, and keeping the same stability and holding power of any other object in use. There are two basic tripod stands, one having a holder on one leg that can rotate around to lock into place around the object, while the other has a full extension with a hinge that allows the bottom leg to fold down and lock in place, making it virtually impossible to carry the tripod anywhere. However, with such a versatile piece of equipment, the tripod stands also come with different sizes and weights, for different uses. While they are used primarily for light weight items, you may also find some tripod stands to be so sturdy that they are used in some very specific situations.

The most common tripod is probably the tabletop tripod, or ‘teflon tripod’, which is generally just a round metal base supported by three legs. These tripod legs are usually made from aluminum or steel, making them strong enough to hold the weight of the tripod without flapping or tearing, as well as having an eyelet to lace onto the tripod’s tripod feet to prevent the legs from slipping off. These types of tripod legs are commonly used for outdoor photography, where they can be bolted to the ground to ensure stability. For indoor photography however, you may find some tripod legs that are designed to be tilted up and down, or even fold down for storage.

Other common tripod structures include the silhouette tripod, or’slimbody tripod’, which is more or less like a collapsible box; it is supported by only two legs, and is made of lightweight materials that make it easy to carry. It has a collapsible neck that enables it to be carried over the shoulder with the bottom of the tripod leg posts pointing straight upwards. This tripod style comes in a wide array of colors and shapes, and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of cameras, both professional and consumer, including SLR, film cameras, and even pocket cameras. In short, if you are a photography enthusiast, you will definitely want to consider purchasing at least one tripod of some sort for your photography needs.

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