Three Types of Earphones

An earphone is a set of small loudspeakers worn around or on the head by a user. They are electronic transducers, that convert an electric signal into a corresponding sound. Headphones are used in many different applications and can be made from a wide range of materials, such as plastic, glass or metal. However, there are some advantages of using a set of headphones, in particular for those who wish to make use of their headphones while they are travelling. Headphones allow users to hear their music without having to stand or sit in any direct way, and this is especially important when listening to music through earbuds. As well as this, headphones allow the user to muffle outside noise and have a better view of the road and other people, and at the same time minimize damage to the ear-canal area.

There are many different types of earphones, three main types being planar magnetic, open-back and closed-back. A planar magnetic headphone uses a magnet, with two sides having opposing polarity. The earphone driver creates a current from the turning of the magnet, this current then flows through a wire, which is connected to the amplifier. As well as this, the driver may use a diaphragm to stop feedback as well as a spring to help the driver push the earphone into the ear canal.

Open-back earphones are made by many companies, such as Philips, Altec Lansing, Plantronics and so on. These types of earphones generally come in two different designs, either with a large open basket, which has the driver positioned to the right or left of the ear, or a smaller basket with one or two holes. These types of earphones do not utilize any sort of driver mechanism. In addition, they are generally made of rubber or other absorbent material, as they can easily get damaged if they are placed in a humid environment. This is not to say that these types of earphones are poor quality, far from it!

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