Disadvantages of a Smartphone – Why You Shouldn’t Own a Smartphone


Disadvantages of a Smartphone – Why You Shouldn’t Own a Smartphone

A smartphone is simply a portable electronic device which combines personal computer and mobile phone functions into a single device. It is also known as mobile phone, smart phone or clamshell phone. This is an ideal mobile phone which can be used anywhere at any time, thanks to the large memory capacity of the smartphone which supports applications and data files stored in the memory. The battery of this device is very long, which enables it to work even when connected to a power source for a long time. Apart from the above mentioned benefits of a smartphone, the user has to be aware of the disadvantages as well in order to own a smartphone.

Almost every smartphone comes with a series of pre-installed apps. These apps are available either free or for a fee and are designed to help users to perform a particular task, such as searching the internet or listening to music. However, most users do not use the apps and instead depend solely on the built-in search functions provided in the cell phones. Some of these apps may also get downloaded onto the smartphones but the user has to delete the unwanted programs from his / her phone in order to free space for other installed apps. As a result, a lot of unnecessary data gets stored in the mobile phone memory which causes the smartphone to slow down.

In spite of all its benefits and advantages, a smartphone still falls under the category of a cell phone. Unlike cell phones which have a built-in camera or GPS system, a smartphone does not come with these features. Thus, in order to take pictures or videos, the user needs to download the camera or the GPS app from the Android Market to use it. However, this task is very cumbersome and can take up a lot of memory space. A smartphone can also be damaged by water or even exposed to heat or electromagnetic radiation, so users have to make sure that they keep their devices away from these sources of damage.

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