Tripod – The Camera’s Best Friend!

A tripod is basically a portable stand or three-legged support, used primarily as an adjustable platform for holding the weight of some object, thereby ensuring the stability and keeping the alignment of the object. The tripod has evolved over the years to become one of the most important components in photography. It is a very useful tool when you need to carry several objects on the same tripod. This way, you can easily change your angles and keep your photographs interesting.

There are basically three different tripod models – fixed, mobile and moveable. A tripod with fixed tripod stands immovable from all sides, while the other two types allow the user to adjust the height of the tripod based upon the length of the camera. While using the fixed tripod, the photographer needs to lock the camera firmly against the tripod. However, when the user wants to shift his/her gaze from one side of the lens to another, then he/she needs to turn the camera round. Similarly, when the user wants to look at something other than the centre of the lens, then he/she needs to look up.

As the name suggests, the tripod which comes with a head is the most stable type of tripod. Such tripods ensure maximum stability and support by providing a rigid structure that ensures the camera and the tripod to remain firmly attached. The user simply has to place his/her hand on the tripod to make the camera tilt up, and then use the hand to push down firmly the tripod to lock it. Such tripod with head provides more support to the users, resulting in greater picture stability.

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